PSVita DB Theme Installer
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PlayStation Vita (PSVita/PSV) JAVA Linux Microsoft Windows
360 Edition v2.1

It's a tool written in JAVA that will simplify the installation of PSVita custom themes in your app.db file. With this application infact you can install a new custom theme in your PSVita app.db file automatically. All you need to do is to pass a app.db file and your custom theme info, the program automatically will write every record in the db by itself.
In addition to string and integer params this program supports also SQL blobs, so you can give your theme even a title and an author. In this way, in your PSVita Theme Settings page there will be really no difference between an official theme and your custom theme!

Here you can find some screenshots of this app and its features (click on them to see the full size):

Please note that, even with the presence of many checks about input data, there is always the possibility that a wrong input or an unexpected error could cause a corruption in your database. So be sure to make a backup.
The developer (Red Squirrel) takes no responsability for any damages caused by an improper use of this application.

You can find detailed tutorials about how to use this program on HackInformer at the following pages: Tutorial about the 360 edition and Tutorial about the 360 edition v2.0.

  • Cleaned up the code from all the old, and now unused, text strings
  • Added new text strings with more details for the function of dumping the current official theme so that it can be more clear now
  • Fixed a typo with the Italian translation
  • Fixed a bug with the creation of temporary files for custom themes downloaded from the online repository
  • Fixed a bug that did not delete on exit the temporary folder in which custom themes downloaded from the online repository were extracted
  • Add a new function to filter the custom themes from the online repository
  • Possibility of filtering based on three parameters (title, author and description) that can be enabled and disabled freely by the user
  • Fixed a bug that when the user changed the sorting of the list of custom themes from the online repository then the program downloaded the wrong theme preview images
  • Added a note that in case the program can not create a backup of the app.db file then it will invite the user to turn off the option if he want to proceed anyway
  • Fixed a bug that led to an error when the installation path name contained the : character. Now it will be automatically replaced with an underscore.
  • Fixed a bug that led to a SQL error when any string contained the ‘ character.
  • Fixed a bug that did not disable or enable some buttons correctly.
  • Increased the number of catch and checks into the main functions to avoid crash or freeze if any error.
  • Added the support for any character to use in SQL blobs (title/provider of the theme). Now even 2-bytes special characters and 3-bytes Japanese/Chinese/etc… characters are fully supported!
  • Added a new function to uninstall one or more themes currently installed in the PSVita. Of course in addition to the deletion of the DB row the program will delete automatically even all the theme’s files from the memory card.
  • Added a new function to dump the official theme currently enabled in the PSVita: the theme you want to dump must be applied in the PSVita before to dump it and the default theme can NOT be dumped with this method.
  • Added a new function to download a custom theme from the online repository of the program will download, extract and import the custom theme automatically.
  • Added a function to get a preview of the custom theme from the online repository so that the user can view it before to download and install it.
  • Slightly changed the GUI to adapt it for the new buttons and functions
  • Added an internal FTP client to connect the program to the PSVita via FTP directly.
  • The program now will acquire and edit the app.db file automatically from the PSVita and will upload all Custom Theme's files inside the PSVita's Memory Card automatically.
  • Ability to restore a backup previously created.
  • Automatic acquisition of the details about the Custom Theme, now the user will have to just check if they are correct.
  • Presence of a text area where the user can follow the entire installation process log.