3.73 POPSLoader MOD
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PlayStation Portable (PSP)
3.73 MOD

3.73 POPSLoader MOD is a modded version of the 3.71 POPSLoader by Dark_Alex that allows you to load prxs of the new PSP Firmware 3.73. 3.73 POPS will take the place of 3.72 POPS.

Note: This is “only” a modified version of the original Dark_Alex's POPSLoader, so all rights and merits belong to him!


The same of original POPSLoader.
To obtain 3.73 prxs you can use RSPsar Dumper (or M33Psar Dumper).
PRXs must be decrypted, so you need to use SQUARE option in PSAR Dumper.
Necessary PRXs are the same of 3.72 pops, so: popsman.prx, pops.prx, libpspvmc.prx and pafmini.prx. You need to insert them in ms0:/SEPLUGINS/POPSLOADER/ renamed as popsman373.prx, pops373.prx, libpspvmc373.prx and pafmini373.prx.
At the end you need to overwrite original popsLoader.prx with the one contained in this MOD package.


  • To Dark_Alex, the only POPSLoader ideator and creator!