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v1.9.3-2 (BIN)

Manny is a Google Music manager for Linux. With this program you'll can view all the songs existing in your Google Music Account, play them with your favorite player (for now only VLC and Mplayer are supported!) or download (yes, download!) them on your PC. And all this without even opening your web browser!

Here you can find some screenshots of this app and its features (click on them to see the full size):

This program is not in any way related to Google.
The program allows you to download only the songs you have on your account (so songs previously in possession) and for this reason should not break any laws.
The login data are stored on your computer only if specified by the user (by selecting the “Remember login data” in the login screen!). For this reason, if that option is not selected, no data will be saved on your pc and can be used without problems on any public computer.
I take no responsability about any possible damage that this program may cause to your Google Music account or to your songs.
Obviously the program has been tested but the presence of bugs can not be ruled out. If you find any bug please report it to me and I'll try to resolve it as soon as possible.

The program is written in Gambas3 and requires some dependencies to work. Specifically it requires:

gambas3-runtime gambas3-gb-desktop gambas3-gb-form gambas3-gb-gui gambas3-gb-image gambas3-gb-settings gambas3-gb-web curl mplayer vlc wget

Once all the necessary dependencies have been installed, give execute permissions to the file .gambas typing in a terminal:

chmod +x Manny.gambas

Now just double click on the file .gambas to start the program. Alternatively you can run it from a terminal by typing:

  • You can not play multiple songs: I'm working on implementing an internal player and a management system of playlists. So this bug should be fixed in future versions.
  • You can not stop a batch download process: to remedy this problem you can kill the program or kill the various download process manually by pressing Ctrl+C when appears the terminal window running wget. In the future I plan to insert an internal function to download songs in order to solve this bug too.
  • Sometime even if the login data are correct you got an “invalid token” error: to solve this problem just wait some minute and try again.
  • Now the program uses only the https protocol (the old simple http protocol is deprecated)
  • Fixed a bug that did not allow to download and play songs to those accounts which wanted the “?u=0” params into the url.
  • Fixed again (yes, again xD) the login function that did not work for some accounts which wanted the “?u=0” params into the login url.
  • Added debug messages if any error occurred during login process. These messages will show the server response, in this way will be easier to understand the cause of the error.
  • Added the possibility to report the debug messages directly to me via email.
  • Fixed again the login function that did not work anymore after the transition from Google Music to Google Play.
  • Fixed the login function that did not work anymore with the new https protocol used by Google Music.
  • Preliminary functions to support Playlists (this feature will be available starting from v2.0 final)
  • Preliminary functions to create an Internal Player (this feature will be available starting from v2.0 final)
  • Ability to load and view ALL the songs in your Google Music account.
  • Ability to view your songs organized in Albums, Artists, or Genre.
  • Ability to play a song using VLC or MPlayer
  • Ability to save into a TXT the list of albums you have on your Account
  • Ability to save into a TXT the list of genres present in your Account
  • Ability to save into a TXT the list of artists present in your Account
  • Ability to save the list of ALL songs (or even a part of them) present in your account into a TXT, CSV or XML.
  • Ability to download onto your PC one or more songs from your account!
  • To Google for the excellent service offered by Google Music
  • To Gambas authors
  • To my girlfriend for her infinite patience