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MegaSquirrel is a Manager for Linux. It can upload files to your account, fetch links, import links from Megaupload and Megavideo, get number of links in your online fetch list, clear your online fetch list, get full direct links from encrypted ones, list ALL (without numeric limits!) files which are online in your Account and get all links of files contained in a folder.

Warning: as a result of the closure of, all functions of this tool don't work anymore!

  • Fixed another bug that didn't show the upload speed if it was greater than 1MB/s
  • Fixed “Fetch list count” function.
  • Fixed a bug that didn't show the upload speed if it was greater than 99KB/s
  • Compatibility with password protected links: now “Get full links” function checks if a link is password protected and if so the program will ask for the password to the user.
  • Compatibility with links: now “Import” and “Get full links” function accept links too.
  • Added the French translation made by Anthrax (@Tux_Bot)
  • Fixed the “List all my files” grid view
  • Improved the upload function: now the download link will be displayed at the end of the upload process of each file.
  • In this way you don't need to wait until the entire batch upload process will be ended.
  • Improved the management of anonymous login
  • Reorganized the layout of some checkboxes in the GUI
  • Added Italian translation
  • Improved the upload function
  • Added the new function to import any Megaupload or Megavideo file link to your account.
  • Thanks to a bug, this application can import files to your free account too, with NO need of a Premium Account.
  • I don't know if or when MU will fix this bug, so enjoy it until it works ;)
  • GUI completely renewed: now it should be visible without problems even at lower resolutions (such as those used on netbooks)
  • Application's font size reduced for space-saving
  • Fixed two bugs in the gridview showing all files in your account
  • Added a function to count the downloads of your files
    WARNING: this function is NOT the count of the reward points of your account but it is simply an actual total count of how many times files in your account have been downloaded.
  • Possibility to login in your MU Account
  • Possibility to upload files in your MU Account
  • Possibility to know current file upload ETA, upload progress and current upload speed.
  • Possibility to fetch a list of links (up to 99 at once!) to your MU Account.
  • Possibility to know how many links are in your online fetch list.
  • Possibility to clear your online fetch list.
  • Possibility to get the full direct links from encrypted links: full links are usefull for remote upload services or to give it to friends without a Premium Account.
  • Possibility to list the links of all files contained in a folder (printing filename and/or filesize and checking expired too).
  • Possibility to list ALL (so breaking the 500 files limit imposed by Megaupload in its online file manager!) files existent in your MU Account. You can sort them too (by name, downloads, size or date).
  • Possibility to delete a file from your MU Account.

Most of the program functions requires a Premium Account. The following is a list of all functions of this program and if they require a Premium Account or not:

  • Upload file [Does NOT require a Premium Account]
  • Fetch file [Requires a Premium Account]
  • Import file [Requires a Premium Account] (Note: thanks to a bug this function works for free accounts too!)
  • Clear online fetch list [Requires a Premium Account]
  • Online fetch list count [Requires a Premium Account]
  • Get full links [Requires a Premium Account]
  • List all my files [Does NOT require a Premium Account]
  • List files in the folder [Does NOT require a Premium Account]

This program is secure at 100%. Your login data will be not stealed! When you login in your account through this program a temporary cookie will be created. That cookie will live only for the program execution period: when you close the program cookies will be deleted! In this way you can use this program also in PCs that are not yours.

Note: do NOT use the “remember” function if you are not using YOUR PC.

  • To my girlfriend for her patience.
  • To megaupload for its hosting service.
  • To gambas and CURL authors.
  • To Anthrax for his French translation