Pandora Toolkit
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PlayStation Portable (PSP)

Pandora Toolkit is a simple homebrew for all the PSP powered by Custom Firmware, which allows to do necessary operations in order to create a Pandora kit, useful to unbrick/downgrade any kind of console (except the new PSP-3000 and the PSP-2000 with TA-088v3 motherboard).
This application derives form Hellcat's Pandora Installer 3.xx. Credits for the original code go to him.

  • The app has been tested deepely and no anomalies were noticed. and all of its staff aren't liable in case of damages that this application could provide to your PSPs.
    Pay attention using it and be careful navigating thorugh menus.
  • You can use your own background: just replace the file “sfondo.bmp” (included in the app's directory) with any 24bit BMP picture.
    If you prefer to save space in your memory and to don't use the background picture, it will work anyway with a black wallpaper.
  • You'll be able to update by yourself the version of “Despertar del Cementerio” that the hombrew installs! In this way you wont have to wait new releases to be up to date. To do that, replace the “DDC.PBP” file with the one of the “Desoertar del Cementerio” official installer that Dark_Alex is going to leak (always paying attention to rename it “DDC.PBP” and replace it with the one already existing in the application's folder!)

Install “Despertar del Cementerio”:

It allows to launch directly the file "DDC.PBP" from the homebrew.
The DDC.PBP eboot contained in this version is the official installer of Dark_Alex's "Despertar del Cementerio v7" (the lastest version).

Pandorize Battery:

It allows to turn a Pandorized battery in a normal one. (to start any PSP whithout a Memory Stick cointaining DDC)

Resolve issues with FAKE Memory Stick:

It allows to solve problems of some FAKE Memory Stick with the IPL install.
Trought this process the app will re-allocate for good the MS and will format it too.
/!\ WARNING /!\ : all data in the Memory Stick will be erased. Forever.

Detect motherboard model:

It allows to detect the type of mother board installed in your PSP.
In this way you'll be able to understand if you can pandorize your battery or not (note: it is possible to do that only on mother board models previous to the "TA-085 v2" one)


Shows the hombrew's credits.


Exit and return to dashboard.