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In the days after the release of Henkaku hack, and the following PSVita DB Theme Installer 360, one of the most frequent questions I read around on forums and social networks was: “Where can I download custom themes for my PSVita?”
Of course there were already threads or posts collecting custom themes in various sites, but often they were messed up because of people comments, many preview images of different size and type, download links from many different file hosting services, etc… Hence the idea of ​​creating a repository that was simple, fast, mobile friendly, but still complete and free, where all users could find and download custom themes for their console in few seconds. And so here is the PSVita Custom Themes - Free Repository!
In the repository you will find custom themes created by amateur users, collected from around the web and then tested, arranged and reuploaded on Google Drive so that they can be ready to download and use. Obviously it was impossible to retrieve any existing custom theme on the web and many of those found had no more valid download link. However the repository includes a public feature to submit a custom theme to be added, so whether you are the creator of a new custom theme or you have just found one around the web that is not currently included in the repository, you can easily submit it so that it could be added soon.

The custom themes in the repository have been collected from around the web. All rights on them therefore belong to the rightful owners.
The repository is completely free. Its author (Red Squirrel) is in no way related to the creators of these custom themes and therefore he does NOT take any responsibility for their contents. For any dispute about a custom theme in the repository you can use the Contact Us form to ask for details or the removal of content that, always unintentionally, may have caused you a damage in any way.
The custom themes in the repository have all been tested before being posted, despite this it is still possible that you may experience some unknown problems that did not occur to us during testing. For this reason please remember that you are using the custom themes in the repository always at your own risk.
The custom themes in the repository have been reuploaded into a Google Drive account. This brings the advantage of a direct download without speed limits but this also means that in case of downloading abuses the files may suffer the classic 24-hour suspension by Google. I therefore appeal to your common sense to avoid this from happening, so that all users could continue to use this service.
Since there will be a function in PSVita DB Theme Installer 360 that will let users to download custom themes from the repository and to install them directly on their PSVita memory card, all extra files and subfolders have been deleted from the ZIP packages of the custom themes to save space. They will be still available as separate download (but they will be uploaded on Mediafire to save space on the main Google Drive account).

  • The first special thanks goes definitely to the staff and the community of, since that most of the custom themes in the repository at the time of its creation was taken from their database you can find here. Also I would highly recommend you to subscribe to their awesome community to stay informed about the latest news on the PSVita hacking scene.
  • Another special thanks goes to the reddit community too, where some of the custom themes were taken.
  • Finally of course a special thanks to all the creators of these fantastic custom themes and to those who in the future will help to keep updated the repository by reporting and by submitting more new custom themes!