Pending Update Notification Remover (Punorem)
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A very easy and lightweight tool to remove the notification of a pending update from your Nintendo Switch.

This program is as simple and lightweight as possible, as you can see from the source code there are only 8 lines of code in total! The program will not physically delete any file from the NAND, so there is no risk and it should therefore be 100% safe.

There is no warning screen in the program, no string will be printed, no waiting for any input, nothing at all: just run the program and it will remove the pending update notification, then it will quit. Quick and easy.

Note: the pending update notification will no longer be displayed by the system until the next reboot!

Just place the .NRO file inside the switch folder (located at the root of your Nintendo Switch SD card) and launch it with any homebrew launcher method.

Note: tested with Atmosphere 1.3.2