RS-GUI PopStationMD
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PlayStation Portable (PSP) Microsoft Windows

RS-GUI PopStationMD is a GUI that makes easier to use Dark_Alex's popstation_md command line tool!

Note: this is a only-Windows program, so it does not work on any other OS!

Here you can find some screenshots of this app and its features (click on them to see the full size):

This program does not require a Windows-installation!
You must have .NET Frameworks 3.5 installed in your Windows, otherwise program will not work! You can download it free from Microsoft website!

  • Added popstation.exe support, now 1CD PSX games can be converted too! Only one program to convert ALL PSX Games!
  • Thanks to Brisma, no BASE.PBP or KEYS.BIN is required by popstation.exe
  • Added the zero compression level for 1CD PSX games
  • Added a Splash Screen with a security check for the presence of program's necessary files
  • Possibility to disable and ri-enable aforesaid Splash Screen
  • Added support for NRG and MDF CD images. Now program read these following formats: ISO, NRG, IMG, BIN and MDF!
  • Now popstation.exe and popstation_md.exe will ask user to press any key before closing them, so users can understand what is the error which does not allow the eboot creation (if it exists!).
  • Added a list of games titles-codes
  • Possibility to search for a game title quickly from the listbox
  • Auto-recognition of Game-ID from its title
  • Added a security check for Game-ID correctness
  • Added a “real time” preview of eboot personalization
  • Possibility to enable/disable aforesaid real time preview
  • Added the possibility to insert any image as PIC0, PIC1 and ICON0! All formats and sizes are accepted! Program will resize and covert images automatically
  • Added the possibility to choose the output folder name (Noone, Game Title and Game Code)
  • Added a check for the true existence of selected image
  • Added the docmaker!
  • Possibility to create a DOCUMENT.DAT standard alone or with the eboot itself
  • Possibility to insert any image to DOCUMENT.DAT, program will resize and convert images automatically (so all formats and sizes are accepted!)
  • Possibility to add, remove or clean the images list added to docmaker
  • If DOCUMENT.DAT will be created together the eboot, it will created in the same folder of the eboot
  • Many v2.0b bugs fixed
  • Something other that I don't remember at the moment
  • Added support for .IMG, .CUE, .BIN
  • No BASE.PBP required (thanks to Brisma!)
  • Added Italian Translation
  • Added French Translation
  • Added Spanish Translation
  • Added possibility to personalize the eboot with sounds, videos and images!
  • Added a control on Images size!
  • Added possibility to view a preview of every image!
  • Added possibility to view a “total” preview of like eboot will appear on PSP menù!
  • Fixed a bug that didn't allow to make eboot.pbp if in CD Image path there were spaces
  • Fixed a bug that brought to a wrong calculation of Games Code
  • GUI simple and easy
  • Possibility to choose ISOs number to convert
  • Possibility to choose compression level for each ISO
  • Possibility to choose an output folder for the eboot.pbp (so directly the PSP too!)
  • Auto-set of Code Games
  • To Dark_Alex for his popstation_md.exe
  • To Brisma for his modified popstation_md.exe
  • To 9600pro for his help and tests
  • To ALL program translators (you can see the complete list in the program's credits).
  • To users of and other PSP-forums for their support!
  • To my girlfriend, the only that believe always in me.