SD-NAND Linux Manager
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SD-NAND Linux Manager was a Nintendo Wii project born in the period of the first beta releases of SNEEK. Its purpose, as you can guess from its name, was to manage an emulated NAND (saved to SD or USB) under Linux, allowing you to explore its contents, add new IOS, system and homebrew WAD channels or games (WiiWare etc…), delete channels and games already installed on it. In other words the program was the equivalent of showmiiwads for Unix OS.
After weeks of work and porting of C# functions on Linux, the program was almost ready to be released: it allowed you to show installed titles and install new ones without problems. Unfortunately there was a bad bug on the delete function of already installed titles that in some cases brought to the corruption of the entire emulated NAND. I could release the program inhibiting the delete function but unfortunately I was a perfectionist and then I did not want to release beta versions or half working versions. And so I waited for a working fix to the delete function bug, but as time went on many new projects crowded my life and so the program got forgotten and never saw its first public release.