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SonicSquirrel is a (FSC) Manager for Linux. It can upload files to your account, fetch links and get all links of files contained in a FSC folder.

Warning: as a result of the closure of, the functions of this tool do not work anymore!

This program is secure at 100%. Your login data will be not stealed! When you login in your account through this program a temporary cookie will be created. That cookie will live only for the program execution period: when you close the program cookies will be deleted!In this way you can use this program also in PCs that are not yours.

Note: do NOT use the “remember” function if you are not using YOUR PC.

  • Fixed an issue with the application's name
  • Program completely rewritten from scratch
  • Now the program has been written using the old Gambas2 (which is less buggy and more compatible!)
  • Fixed the issues of the old version with the upload function
  • Fixed another bug that did not display the upload speed if it was greater than one MegaByte
  • Added messages to explain the potential errors that could be obtained
  • Added a check for the actual presence of curl
  • Possibility to login in your FSC Account
  • Possibility to upload files in your FSC Account
  • Possibility to know current file upload ETA, upload progress and current upload speed.
  • Possibility to fetch a list of links (up to 199 at once!) to your FSC Account.
  • Possibility to list the links of all files contained in a FSC folder (printing filename too).
  • Fixed the bug present in MegaSquirrel and FSquirrel with the visualization of upload speeds greater than 99KB/s
  • Compatible with every existent FSC server: .com, .net, .at, .be, .ch, .cl, .cz, .es, .fr, .gr, .hk, .it, .in, .co, .il, .jp, .kr, .mx, .me, .nl, .co, .nz, .pk, .pe, .pl, .ro, .rs, .se, .sg, .tw, .vn
  • The program uses the new FSC APIs to upload files, so it should survive to any FSC server update in future!
  • To my girlfriend for her patience.
  • To Filesonic for its hosting service.
  • To gambas and CURL authors.