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PlayStation Vita (PSVita/PSV)

This is my second custom theme for PSVita. As you can easily guess from the preview pictures, I decided to dedicate this theme to Studio Ghibli.

This theme won the 1st prize in the contest for PSVita custom themes organized by the well-known website about consoles hacking, obtaining 12 of the 84 total votes spread for more than 40 entries.

Please note that the following screenshots are of the v1.00 (click on them to see the full size):

As you can see from the screenshots above (click on them to view the actual size), all the possible icons for a theme have been replaced. Also in the archive there are icons for PSStore, Maps and Welcome Park but they can not be changed by themes (a limitation imposed by Sony…), so if you want to use them you'll have to manually replace them in your PSVita internal memory.

The theme also features a custom lockscreen (the home screen with the clock), as you can see below:

In this theme there are also 10 custom backgrounds freely selectable by the user, as you can see below:

Finally, to make it really complete just as an official one, there is even the loop background music in this theme. I chose the song The Name of Life from Spirited Away you can hear here from Youtube:

Note: inside the theme's folder there is also an alternative background music! It's Tonari No Totoro from My Neighbor Totoro:

If you want to use this song then simply delete BGM.at9 from the theme folder and rename totoro.at9 in BGM.at9.

Important note: to use this custom theme you need a PSVita compatible with Henkaku hack. This means that it will work only if your PSVita Firmware is 3.60.

  1. First of all you need to copy the custom theme's folder inside the Memory Card of your PSVita. You can use any method you like (FTP, USB…), just be sure to insert its folder inside the path: ux0:customtheme/ (create it manually if it does not already exist).

  2. Now you need to download and install Custom Themes Manager homebrew in your PSVita, then run the homebrew by pressing on the icon that should be on the PSVita livearea screen.

  3. In the main menu choose the “Install a Custom Theme from a folder” icon:

  4. Now you should find in the list the custom theme you inserted inside the Memory Card:

  5. Press X on it and you should view the page with all the details of your custom theme:

  6. Press START and the program will install the custom theme in your PSVita database:

  7. Now just reboot your console (by pressing START two times in the program's main menu) and now you'll can set the custom theme just as any official PSVita theme (from the Theme Settings menu).
  • Changed the infobar color from black to a more appropriate blue:
  • Changed the informative bubble (notice) at the top right corner with one dedicated to My neighbor Totoro:
  • Changed the pages mini icons with two dedicated to My neighbor Totoro:
  • Changed the background waves colors of each page, now they will use the main color of the corresponding background picture:
  • Added to the theme.xml file also the three icons for PSStore, Welcome Park and Maps so as to be compatible with the new installation method of PSVita DB Theme Installer v2.

All images used in this theme have been taken from the web through a simple search on Google Images. The background song, as indicated, has been taken from Youtube.
So all rights belong to their respective owners.