Time Machine Configurator
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PlayStation Portable (PSP)

Time Machine Configurator is a simple PSP homebrew that has the aim to configure Dark_Alex's Time Machine. All the procedure is done on PSP simply by pressing some keys, so no PC is required. Program will edit the /TM/config.txt file. You can find more info in the homebrew main page.

Copy PSP folder (contained in the package) in the root of your Memory Stick.

  • Pandora/DdC v1-4 replaced by Despertar del Cementerio v5.
  • Program code is totally new.
  • Program is Italian if your PSP is set in Italian language, English otherwise.
  • Instead of press a key, now you can choose it from a list. For this reason, now you can use ALL keys allowed!!!
  • Possibility to use a combination of two keys to launch a TM Firmware
  • Possibility to view the actual TM configuration BEFORE to create a new one (SQUARE option in main menù).
  • Possibility to choose what Firmware to configure.
  • Now program will show what combination of keys you choose.
  • At the end of the config procedure program will show the actual configuration and what will be the new configuration. You can press START to write the new configuration, or press CIRCLE to abort and return to main menù.
  • Program has some security controls, for example:
    1. Program will insert the “NOTHING” option (if present) at the end of the config file (like suggested by D.A.)
    2. If you insert two egual combination of keys for two different TM Firmwares, program will give an error message and will return to main menù BEFORE to edit the config file!
  • Possibility to choose keys for 1.50/1.50+3.40/3.40M33/3.60M33 and Pandora/DC.
  • Known bugs: because of some kernel issues, NOTE, WLAN, VOL,SCREEN and HOME keys can not be used!
    I hope to add support for them in next releases…
  • To Dark_Alex for the wonderfull Time Machine!
  • To users of all the PSP forums that support me, first of all PSP-Cheats.forumitalian.com and PSPGen.com.
  • To my girlfriend for her patience.