TROPHY.TRP Extractor
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PlayStation 3 Linux Microsoft Windows

TROPHY.TRP Extractor is a simple tool to extract files and info from a PS3 TROPHY.TRP file (you can find it in any PS3 games with trophies support, browsing in the /PS3_GAME/TROPDIR/NPXXXXXXX_XX/ directory.).
The TROPHY.TRP file contains all PNGs thumbnails of the trophies and the SFMs (XML coded files with all info about trophies, such as code, name, category and description) in every supported language.

Simply open a terminal and type:

./trpex /path/of/your/TROPHY.TRP /output/folder

It works in any Unix machine. If you get a “permission denied” error then give trpex file the execution rights using:

chmod +x trpex

In the release there is only a Unix version of the tool. However I inserted the source code in the release package. So you can compile it for Windows and MAC OS if you need.
Source code is under GPLv3 license.

  • To my girlfriend for her patience.