Wii Covers Downloader
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Linux Nintendo Wii
v0.3 (BIN)

Wii Covers Downloader is a very simple program for Linux that allows you to download the covers of your Nintendo Wii games directly from the online database of the famous WiiTDB.

  1. Install the dependencies:
    gambas3-gb-form, gambas3-gb-gtk, gambas3-gb-qt4, gambas3-gb-image, gambas3-gb-settings, gambas3-gb-web, gambas3-runtime, gambas3-gb-net, gambas3-gb-net-curl

    Note: gambas3-gb-qt4 is optional, install it only if you need the QT support for KDE.

  2. Download the package containing the binaries (BIN)
  3. Give the execution rights to the binary file:
    chmod +x WiiCoversDownloader.gambas
  4. Run the binary file double-clicking on it or typing in a terminal:
  • The program is now more automated: notices about not found covers will no longer be shown on screen for each time. User will be notified of any cover not found only at the end of the whole download process.
  • Fixed a bug in the search function that showed the character “new line” in the title of the games.
  • The “Search” button is now by default, so now you are not forced to click it with your mouse after typing the name of your game but you can just press “Enter” from the keyboard.
  • The program is available into both English and Italian (also the v0.1 but I had forgot to say xD)
  • Now the language chosen for the covers will be stored for future uses, so you do not necessarily have to set it every time.
  • Now you can also download the Cover Full HQ of your Wii games
  • Added a new function to find a GameID from the title of the game. This is based on the online database of WiiTDB too.
  • Added the ability to select for the covers the languages RU, ZHCN e ZHTW
  • First release
  • Ability to download WII games' covers from their GameID
  • Ability to choose which type of cover to download choosing between 2D, 3D, Full, Disc and Custom Disc.
  • Possibility to choose in which language to download the covers.
  • If the chosen language is not found then the program will look for English covers.
  • Possibility to choose the folder where to download the covers.
  • To Night_Cervant for the idea
  • To guys of WiiTDB for their wonderfull and always updated covers database
  • To my girlfriend for her infinite patience