XFCE Applications Menu Editor
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v3.0 (BIN)

XFCE Applications Menu Editor is a simple Linux tool to edit the applications menu of your XFCE.
Note: this program is designed specifically for XFCE, does NOT work for other DEs.

  1. Install the dependencies:
    gambas3-runtime, gambas3-gb-gtk, gambas3-gb-qt4, gambas3-gb-form, gambas3-gb-image, gambas3-gb-form-stock

    Note: gambas3-gb-qt4 is optional, install it only if you need the QT support for KDE.

  2. Download the package containing the binaries (BIN)
  3. Give the execution rights to the binary file:
    chmod +x xame.gambas
  4. Run the binary file double-clicking on it or typing in a terminal:

You can report any bugs or issues, as well as suggestions for enhancements and proposals, using the project's official page on BitBucket.

  • Program updated to the latest available Gambas3 version (3.5.2).
  • Significantly improved the function for system language acquisition: the program now tries to acquire (and read) the strings from .desktop files in the current system language. If it fails then it will load the English strings or however the default ones.
  • Fixed a bug that when in the .desktop files there were multiple sections the program loaded the primary data directly in the last section available: now the program will acquire data only from the “[Desktop Entry]” section.
  • Improved the function for acquisition of the list of available .desktop files from root and local paths.
  • Now the program will enable the button to restore the .desktop files only if they are not in root path. In this way the user will know immediately if he can restore an application or not.
  • Slightly modified again the GUI of the program.
  • Other minor fixes and improvements to the source code.
  • Program updated to the latest available Gambas3 version (3.4.2). This essentially fixes the following two bugs:
    • Lack of dependence gambas3-gb-form-stock
    • Errors in the function to open image files
  • Added the program's version in the info screen for an easier identification.
  • Slightly improved the GUI (moved, resized and renamed some buttons).
  • Changed the development environment from Gambas2 to Gambas3
  • Removed the startup message about bugs report.
  • Fixed a bug that brought the program to crash when the folder ~/.local/share/applications did not exist.
  • Possibility to edit applications for all standard main categories of your menu
  • A quick editor to edit all main options of the .desktop file (for amateur users)
  • An advanced textual editor to edit any option of the .dekstop file (for expert users)
  • Possibility to add new applications in your menu
  • Possibility to delete the .desktop files of unwanted applications.
  • First public release: yet not fully tested, please report to me any bug.
  • To Gambas and XFCE creators.
  • To my girlfriend for her infinite patience.