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PlayStation Portable (PSP)

Alternative VSHMenu is indeed an alternative VSHMenu that has ALL the same functions of the M33 VSHMenu and other utilities such as the possibility to change the background color, to power off and to sleep the console, to activate and to disactivate M33 VSHMenu from dashboard or to make screenshot of XMB!
Press HOME (by default) in XMB to start the Alternative VSHMenu! Press CIRCLE (by default) to close it.

  • Do not flash this plugin erasing M33 satelite.prx! In this case Alternative VSHMenu does not work!
  • The Homebrew-Flasher used in this version is still a beta so use it only at your own risk.
    If you want to use the “old” method to flash the plugin, please follow the guide inserted in Patch2Flash folder!
  • In this version language translation are included in the plugin! So the .PRX file size has been increased: for this reason, if you want to flash it, be sure to have the need free space in your Flash0 before beginning the flashing process!!!
    In future I will insert language translation in a separated file to avoid this issue.
  • In this version there are only two language: English and Italian.
    If you want, you can make a particular translation of A. VSHMenu and then send it to me via email. But please, don't use very long words! Indeed try to use the exact number of letter used by English Traslation.
  • By default the SELECT button will be associated to a homebrew: so place one in PSP/GAME/HOMEBREW/ directory, or disable/change that option.
    If you press SELECT when it is associated to a homebrew but no homebrew is in /PSP/GAME/HOMEBREW/ directory PSP will freeze!
  • Fixed a bug that disabled the first plugin in VSH.txt when you exit from the VSHMenu.
  • Added FIVE new background colours
  • Now Alternative VSHMenu can not be started before of 3 seconds: in this way you can avoid console crashes when you accidentally start it during coldboot or returning from games.
  • Now there will be a pause of about one second when you exit from A. VSHMenu: in this way your key pressing will not have any effect on XMB (like happened in past).
  • Changed HIDE MAC ADDRESS function in AUTO USB CONNECTION: if you enable it, USB connection will be enable always in XMB! In this way when you connect a USB cable your PSP will be connected to your PC/PS3 without you have to press on special icon! (like in PSP-3000).
  • Changed CXMB PLUGIN function in LANGUAGE: now you can select your language from the menu of A. VSHMenu! In this first version, there will be only two language: Italian and English.
  • Changed M33 VSHMENU in SELECT KEY: now you can choose what to associate to SELECT key in XMB (M33 VSHMenu, a Homebrew, Nothing).
  • Erased all difference of code between CF 3.90/3.95GEN/4.01M33: now plugin will be the same in all CFs.
  • Added a homebrew-flasher for the plugin: it will flash the Alternative VSHMenù in your Flash0 directly from PSP without other steps!
  • Cleaned the code to try to compensate the increase of the PRX size caused by language translations.

You can find the rest of the full changelog in the README.txt file attached to the release package.

If no other plugins are installed:

  1. Connect PSP to PC through USB
  2. Copy the content of MS_ROOT folder in the root of Memory Stick
  3. Enable plugin from Recovery Mode

If other plugins are installed:

  1. Connect PSP to PC through USB
  2. Copy vshmenu.prx (of your language) file in SEPLUGINS folder
  3. Open VSH.txt file (if it's not present, create it!) and at the end of the file add this string:
  4. Enable plugin from Recovery Mode
  • To users of and for the help that they gave me!
  • To all staff and users of
  • To Britix for the French Translation
  • To KFR92 for the German Translation
  • To FreePlay for his tool to edit BIN files of the Flash0.
  • To my girlfriend for her patience