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JAVA Linux Microsoft Windows v1.0

BackToSeed is a very simple program written in JAVA that will be very useful when you want to re-seed a torrent but you have already renamed, moved or reorganized its files. Thanks to this program in fact, simply by giving as input the original .torrent file and a folder where you will put all the files that were downloaded with the torrent, you will be able to get back the complete and organized list of files as they were in the original torrent configuration and so restart the seeding process without any difficulty.
In short, the program will take care of reading the original data from the metadata of the .torrent file and it will rename the files, also creating any folders and subfolders if necessary, so that they return to the previous configuration as they were in the original torrent, ready to be re-seeded. Obviously the user can also choose whether to rename and reorganize the files directly or create a copy of them so as to avoid to alter them (in case you do not want to lose the new configuration). Also, since the matches are found based on the size of the files (there is no hash per file in the metadata of .torrent files unfortunately) in the unlucky case there are multiple files with the exact same size, the program will warn the user and allow him to manually select which is the right one to avoid wrong matches.

  1. Install (or update) JAVA and reboot your PC (very important to set the environment variables correctly!).

  2. Download the ZIP package from the button above in this page and extract it with your favorite archive manager (usually there is always one pre-installed in any operating system).

  3. Run the JAR executable:

    • On Windows: usually just double-clicking on it should be enough but if this does not work then right-click on the JAR file, choose the “Open with” option and select “JAVA(TM) Platform SE binary”.
      Note: you can launch the JAR executable also from a cmd window with the same command of Unix/Mac below!

    • On Unix distros or Mac: open a terminal window in the same folder where is the JAR file and type the following command:
      java -jar BackToSeed.jar

Very important: please remember to put the shared library of libtorrent inside the same path of the program JAR executable or it will not work. There are different versions of the library based on the OS you're using, in the release package of this program you will already find a version for any x86_64 modern OS (Windows, Linux and MacOS).
For any other version or OS just find the suitable library on the web (or compile it from the sources directly) and put it in the same folder of the program JAR executable, just be sure to name it exactly libtorrent4j (the extension is not important, you can use any).


  • First public release
  • To Oracle for the JDK
  • To libtorrent developers and maintainers
  • To my girlfriend for her patience