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Manga Downloader

MangaDex Downloader is a very simple application that allows you to download any chapter from any manga existing on MangaDex website.

Warning: this application is no longer supported now! Please take a look at Manga Downloader for a replacement.

  • On Windows install (or update) JAVA (minimum version required Java 6) and reboot your PC, then just extract all the files from the ZIP package and run the EXE file (please be sure that the .jar file is in the same path of the EXE!).
  • On Unix distros or Mac:
    • Install (or update) JAVA (minimum version required Java 6) and reboot your PC.
    • Download the ZIP package and extract it (you need “unzip” is installed!):
    • Enter in the folder just extracted and run the JAR file with JAVA double-clicking on it or typing in a terminal:
      java -jar MangaDexDownloader.jar

You can report any bugs or issues, as well as suggestions for enhancements and proposals, using the project's official page on BitBucket.

  • Now the program will add a 3 digits 0-padding to the pages filenames, so now they should be shown ordered properly with any reader app.
  • Recoded the updater system: now it's an external JAR that will check and download new versions directly, so that the user will not have to download the new versions manually from the website in future!
  • Fixed a bug with the GUI.
  • Fixed some bugs in the Italian translation.
  • Added the Credits section.
  • Possibility to download any chapter for any manga existing on the MangaDex website.
  • Possibility to set the pattern of the output filename.
  • Possibility to download chapters as plain image files or compressed in CBZ format.
  • Possibility to check for available updates for the application directly from the program itself.
  • Possibility to set timeout and error retries parameters.
  • Possibility to follow the download process with a detailed log screen.
  • Written in JAVA 6, so it can run on very old systems too.
  • To Oracle for the JAVA language.
  • To MangaDex for its wonderfull mangas online database.
  • To my girlfriend for her patience.