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With this little tool for Windows you will can extract only the opening.bnr file from a Nintendo Wii ISO game in just a moment!
Before this you had to run WiiScrubber, load the ISO (very boring!) and search for the opening.bnr to extract it… but from today you can do it in just a moment, with the new Opening.bnr Extractor by Red Squirrel :-P
I wrote this easy tool using the classical C++, so it should be compatible with many versions of Windows OS. It works loading the wiiscrubber.dll and using theghost.exe to extract only the opening.bnr from the ISO. All in less then 1-2 seconds!
Wiiscrubber.dll and theghost.exe will be written by the program at startup, so you don't need to search for them in the web :-D

The program needs no installation! Just run the obe.exe giving it 2 parameters: the path of the input ISO and the path (with the name) of the output file. Example:

obe.exe "C:/ISO/myiso.iso" "C:/mydocuments/subfolder/subsubfolder/opening31.bnr"

That's all! :)

Note: I inserted in the package also a minimal GUI (coded in VB.NET) to use with the obe.exe. Use it if you want or create your own ;)

  • It requires other tools (some others DLL or the .NET Frameworks)?
    The EXE itself no. But maybe theghost.exe would require the .NET Framework (I can't test without it because all my PCs are full of NET Frameworks :-D). If you get an error then install .NET Frameworks ;-)

  • Can i use obe.exe in my personal (WBFS) GUI and then diffuse it in Internet?
    Yes, you can with no problem.
  • To Nanook for his big help!
  • To my girlfriend for her patience.