SensMe XMB Installer
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PlayStation Portable (PSP)

SensMe XMB Installer is a simple PSP homebrew that installs the SensMe icon under the Music menu in your CF 5.00M33 XMB.
This tool is based on M33-Prometheus Installer but now I inserted a CF version recognition function and a new function to test the Flash0 access BEFORE to write anything in it. These will avoid many brick cases.

  • If you use the KHBBS plugin remember to disable it before to use this program, otherwise it can't write files in flashs correctly.
  • Be carefull to use this tool because (if something goes wrong!) it could brick your PSP!
  • The Go!Messenger will be deleted from your XMB! (It has been replaced by SensMe Channels)
  • The program recognizes the CF version, so it can be used only in CF 5.00M33.

Simply copy the attached PSP folder in your Memory Stick root.

Tested with:

  • PSP-Phat (TA-082)
  • PSP-Slim (TA-088v1)
  • To hirmfaxi for SensMe Channels “hack”.
  • To Dark_Alex for his CF and VLF libraries.
  • To Giadej for the idea and the edited prx/rco files.
  • To my girlfriend for her patience.