VSH Recovery Launcher
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PlayStation Portable (PSP)

VSH Recovery Launcher is a PSP plugin that allows you to launch the Recovery Menu directly in XMB, by pressing L button. Recovery Menu prx file is taken from Flash0:/VSH/MODULE/recovery.prx, so it is the original one!

  • Possibility to launch the original Recovery Menu directly in Dashboard!
  • No risk of brick or similar!
  • USB does NOT work…
    It's normal and it can not be fixed because of the recovery menu nature.
    It's not a big issue, because thanks to VSHMenu you can connect your PSP to ALL Flashs from XMB without issues!
  • If you use “Run program at…” option, PSP will freeze…
    Fixed: use START button to “de-freeze” console and continue.
  • If you use “Exit” option, PSP will freeze…
    Fixed: use START button to “de-freeze” console and continue (PSP will be rebooted, because of the recovery menù nature).
  • “Format Flash1…” does not work…
    It's normal, it is impossible to format Flash1 while you're in VSH!

WARNING: don't use the START button while you are in Recovery Mode (except for aforesaid cases!), otherwise you will be in a “particular” situation (Recovery Menu will flash in background and nothing will be understandable!!!) :-P

The same of all the plugins… copy the reclauncher.prx in ms0:/SEPLUGINS, open (or create if it does not exist!) VSH.txt and add this line:


Go into Recovery Menu and activate the plugin.

  • To my girlfriend for her patience.