WAD Channels Updater
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Nintendo Wii Microsoft Windows

WAD Channels Updater is a simple Windows tool to update a WAD channel with a new DOL homebrew. It's based on injectuwad.exe.
Note: it works ONLY with homebrew WAD channels, not for Nintendo's original WAD Channels (WiiWare, VC, etc…).

  • Possibility to change the internal DOL of homebrew WAD Channels.
  • Possibility to change the WAD Channel name shown in Wii's System Menu when you move the WiiMote cursor on it.
  • No other files required (program is an ALL IN ONE)!
  • No shell will be opened during the injecting process!
  • A visual progress bar will give you info about the injuectu process state!
  • To injectuwad.exe creator.
  • To my girlfriend for her patience.