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July 23, 2019: issues while updating Manga Downloader?

The version 20 of Manga Downloader has also brought an update to the updater tool, this means that, just for this time, you can not update to v20 directly from the program itself but you will have to re-download the FULL package from the download page here on the website!

August 14, 2018: development discontinuance for Hotot+!

As I think you have surely noticed, now it is almost a year that Hotot+ does not receive any new update. So far the client continued to work smoothly, but starting from August 16th, 2018 it will stop working (or at least it will lose several functions) because of the decision by Twitter to suspend some API calls. So I decided to take advantage of this forced opportunity to announce the discontinuance of the development of Hotot+. The reasons that pushed me to this decision are many, but essentially they can be summarized in the following ones:

  • Twitter made things difficult for this app for years, first suspending the API key intermittently (users should surely remember that) and now that we surrendered to the use of private API keys for user, Twitter comes out with a heavy update of its API that will bring withdrawal of several important functions (first among all the streaming APIs and push notifications, things that prevent updates in real time from now on) and the introduction of new premium and business APIs to replace them.
  • Starting from September Mozilla will no longer accept extensions or apps that use jQuery 2, forcing the upgrade to version 3. Unfortunately Hotot+ uses several javascript libraries no longer updated by their respective developers and so they are not compatible with the recent versions of jQuery.

So you will understand well that this essentially means that Hotot+ should receive a rewrite of the source code almost from scratch, a job that now I frankly have neither the time nor the desire to do. For me Hotot+ has always been only a “personal” project, without any profit, simply the Twitter client I used every day and for that reason I continued to keep it up to date. But now, frankly, the commitment that it would require is too far from the simpler and faster “migrating to other ready clients”, not to mention that even my personal use of Twitter is gradually reducing to zero.

Of course I wish to thank all the users who have used this my Hotot+ version and who have contributed to its web diffusion.

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